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Welcome to YHI Astrology

Hello! Clare here, owner and founder of YHI, licensed and certified astrologer, teaching and reading for hundreds of clients across the globe. Astrology is a complex tool that gives us clues and insights on living in alignment with our destiny and soul's purpose. Throughout history, astrology was considered a science and allegedly a required course in the beginnings of western medical schools.

My personal practice of Astrology focuses on a variety of areas in your life in service of health, wellness and living in alignment with your gifts and natural born talents. Struggling with love, money, health, career? We can see this in the stars and help you reconnect to who you truly are (your Moon sign, who you come home to) and who you came here to become (your Sun sign, who you are becoming) and all of life's in-betweens.

YHI has been supporting clients with astrology through the pandemic, offering healing and retreat through the stars. This is a sort of "coming out" post to the not so new look of YHI.

Retreats will be coming back to YHI, when it is safe for the all guests and all employees to gather with ease. The Saturn and Uranus transit that started in March 2020, I call this the lockdown transit, moves in November of 2022. I believe that the issues surrounding the segregation and uncertainties of vax or no-vax, gather or not, will be in full effect until end of 2022. Retreats are being planned for 2022 and will reconvene. Next destinations include Cuba, Miami, Spain, London and Tahoe.

Until then, I want to get to know through your stars, book a natal reading for yourself or someone you love for the holidays. Fall in love with yourself and see yourself through the plans of the divine.

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