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Welcome to the Sacred Order of the Feminine Divine or SOFD. SOFD is inspired by self discoveries from some of my most vulnerable places. This is a blog to my SELF, my future daughters in this lifetime or next, my nieces, cousins and sisters.

I've been dreaming up SOFD for quite some time, decades. I've sought after her in the boxing ring, film, restaurants, in the creating of yoga house, in lovers and books, foods, alcohol, music, friends, enemies, drugs, tattoos, jobs, goals, clothes, trips, meditations, teachers, failures, daydreams, tantrums... you see where I'm going.

SOFD came to me after a soulful trip to Como, Italy and an extremely challenging retreat at Yoga House upon my return to the states. Her name reveled herself after many, many, many hours on the phone with my beloved Reiki teacher Dani Sittloh. Dani played with the title, I then looked up every word in the dictionary she through out to me that day. Each word in this title is a truth to her teachings.

SOFD serves as a guide to discovering the beauty of existence. She is a space for you to return to the simplicities that IS living. A space for you to step off of the linear to create and be.

Welcome to this sacred space that IS life. SOFD is my thank you letter to existing



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