Saturday February 13th, 2021 2pm-5pm EST OR 1pm- 4pm CST.  


 I invite you to  explore your personal connection to love and soulmates from this super unique perspective combining your personal astrology, mediation and Asana.  Spend an afternoon this Valentine’s weekend of exploring your connection to LOVE through YOUR astrology and the 7th house of Soulmates.  You will learn about your "Big 3" and what's in your 7th House, the House of soul mates.  Enjoy a heart opening asana practice and meditation to open our nadis and chakras before diving deep into our 7th houses.  Invite your friend and or lover or come solo but get ready to plant love seeds from a space of knowing.  Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful humans.  This workshop is for EVERYONE and ANYONE who loves love.  Attached, single, looking, always looking, never has worked out, never finds the one, deeply connected, married, divorced, it’s complicated… Bring it all and let’s unpack together.  



  • Gain clarity on the “what” we are looking for within a Soulmate and “why”

  • Learning more about yourSELF through the stars

  • Enjoy Valentine’s day with like minded Souls

  • Connect to your higher self through yoga and meditation

  • Plant seeds in your love garden, manifest your garden of Eden


3 uninterrupted hours.  Zoom.  Yoga mat,  journal,  Know your birthdate, time/city of birth.

Soulmates, Asana & 7th House Love/Astrology/Asana Workshop 2/13/2021

$65.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price