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  • Join Cutting Weight a 30-day intensive, personlized program focused on shedding weight physically, mentally and spiritually.  Clare condenses 20 years of knowledge gained from making weight for fights and training in the martial and mystic arts into this 30 day guided course.  Commit to yourSELF for 30 days of intensive, transformative self-study.  
  • Lose weight,
  • Gain and embody nutrition knowlege backed by science
  • Acquire stress management tools to carry with you for life
  • Experienece incredible life shifts,
  • Connect to Mind, Body and Spirit 
  • Feel lighter
  • Unpack your relationship to mindless habits and excess
  • Experience the shifts that comes from self commitment
  • Gain clarity in mulitple areas of your life
  • Explore your body through the lens of love, accountability and devotion

Cutting Weight 30Day Private workshop

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