Yoga House International was founded on 14.5 acres of wooded farm land in Southwest Michigan and has expanded into Havana, Cuba.  We are strong believers in the healing power of energetic shifts, nature, movement, food, community, animals and connecting to source.  Since opening up the Michigan retreat center, yoga studio, and Moon Acres farm in 2017 and Havana 2019, we’ve been working closely with our valued guests to provide zen like accommodations, whole nourishing foods and yoga/meditation practices. Our Havana experience provides world class boxing, salsa and cooking instruction.

We hold space to support YOU as you explore the self and freedoms found in living consciously. That’s why so many of our clients become life long relationships, and we continue to grow and expand year after year. Yoga House International is here to support and nourish you through Reiki, intuitive guidance, food, hiking, yoga/meditation and individualized care.  Connect with us to book your healing experience in Southwest Michigan, your own home/business or Havana.  


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Creating space for the infinite

Yoga House International started as a yoga studio and retreat space situated on 14.5 acres of wooded farmland in SouthWest Michigan and has expanded into Havana, Cuba and offering services in Chicago, IL. YHI was established to inspire shifts in consciousness, awareness of the SELF and to contribute to collective health of the planet.  Come and explore your connection to life through intuitive guidence, Reiki, nature, food, animals, meditation, yoga, exercise and the power of human connection.

There are so many layers to this experie

Havana Cuba


Please welcome Havana Cuba into your life.  This dynamic trip will reawaken your connection to your body and life as a whole perfect being while mirroring the untruths you distract yourself with everyday.

Havana is the most reciprocal relationship of my life and I am so thrilled you are coming along to experience it for yourSELF.  

Like the three of pentacles, tarot card, Havana invites you to experience the collaboration of your strength with the mysteries and strengths of the Cuban culture all in service of creating the most brilliant masterpiece...YOU. 

Saying yes to this experience is saying yes to the infinite possibilities waiting for you outside of the confines of your life story.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


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